Does a Shower Screen Leak?

Frameless Shower Screens do not leak. However, if the shower rose directly faces the door, it is possible for water to come through the 2mm clearance gaps on either side of the door. So when designing your bathroom, try to avoid having the shower rose facing the door.

How long will I have to wait for my Shower Screen/Pool Fence to be installed?

Once the job has been measured, a 50% deposit is required to order the materials. As soon as the deposit has been paid, the materials will be ordered. The job will be installed two weeks from that time. This lead time can push out to three weeks depending on peak times of the year for the glass manufacturers.

Why do some Shower Screens have a piece of glass sitting on top of the screen?

Depending on the type of shower screen that best suits your bathroom, some screens require additional support. This is something that can be discussed at the time of the measure of the screen. In some cases, the support piece is not required.

Will the silicone discolour?

A high-performance glazing silicone is used on all our work. Discolouration will only occur if the shower screen is not regularly cleaned. Mould will build up on the silicone join over time, which could lead to discolouration.

How often do breakages occur?

This is an extremely rare event. Even though A-Grade Toughened Safety Glass is used (5 times stronger); it is still possible for the glass to be broken when heavily impacted. If this occurs, the glass will crumble into hundreds of very small pieces.

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